The Bethel team, Girls’ Camp, Grad Day, and more!

Here are a few more updates about all the things happening here!

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” (Psalm 105:1)

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The Bethel team came back this year and ministered to our girls, staff, and volunteers. As always, we were touched and honored by the way they bless, encourage, love, and minister to our hearts. Bob and Kimberly Johnson shared with our girls one morning and it was beautiful to witness. Bob shared about his daddy’s heart and more so how Papa God feels towards each one of the girls… and all of us. He then went around the room and blessed each girl, calling out who she is, hugging her, and giving her a father’s blessing. The Spirit moved, walls came down, chains were broken, and love set girls free. Thank you, Jesus!

LC wall- encouraging verses

We decided to paint the walls of the Learning Centre with truth: you are beautiful and worthy, you are loved and accepted, and dream big… your future is bright! I’m so excited for the girls to see this encouragement daily, for Jesus to speak to their hearts, and for it to soak down deep in their souls.

girls camp- christian studies

We had the opportunity to share at a large Girls’ Camp for girls throughout Thailand… and it was amazing! My anointed husband shared about God’s heart for His beautiful daughters and about Jesus’ sacrifice and deep love for each one of us. There were about 60-70 girls there and many of them were hearing about the hope, joy, life, and freedom found in Christ for the first time. God was on the move, as always, touching hearts and drawing His beloveds close to Him. And you know what else?! Seven precious ones asked Jesus into their hearts through tears and decided to follow Him!! PRAISE GOD!!!! The angels rejoiced in heaven!! After the session I was able to cuddle one of the girls who wanted prayer, and the Spirit fell. She was in tears as Papa touched her heart and enveloped her with His love, peace, comfort, and delight. It was one of those moments when I felt… there is nowhere else I would rather be right now. God is so freakin good!!

girls camp- life skills

The next day I got to share some sweet truth with the ladies at the Girls’ Camp! Gosh my heart was so full! I told them how precious, beautiful, and loved they are, how God has given them each incredible gifts and talents, that they can truly succeed and follow their dreams, that they should never give up, that God has good plans for their lives, and that they have such great worth and value! It was a blast! I shared some testimonies, encouraged them with scriptures, we did some declarations all together (so fun!), and then we did a craft activity where I encouraged them to write truths, scriptures, and declarations about themselves and hang them in their rooms so they can see them every day and let the truth sink deep into their hearts! I loved seeing them get pumped up about the things God says about them and begin to let those truths settle in. We all boldly proclaimed together, “I am beautiful and worthy,” “I am loved and accepted,” “My life has worth and value,” and “God sees me, God loves me, and God has good plans for my life!” YESSSS!!! God’s truth is so powerful!!


*Faces have been blurred for protection


Three more of our precious girls graduated recently! This means they completed the 6-month Learning Centre program and have gone through a trauma rehabilitation program, learned all about Christian Studies (JESUS!), Life Skills, English studies, recreational activities, met with their counselors, case workers, and house parents regularly, and have been healed and given hope for a new future! All three girls are continuing onto further schooling/ education to see a bright future fulfilled. We could not be more proud of them! Grad Day is always one of our favorite days because of the beautiful ways the Lord moves in and through each of our hearts. We did affirmations for the girls – speaking words of truth, hope, life, and encouragement into each one, and then we had a foot washing ceremony. So many of us were in tears… so powerful. Later we had a graduation ceremony at church where the girls received certificates, gifts, and flowers, and were able to be publicly recognized and celebrated for their huge accomplishment. Many of our girls have never been to school before and on top of that, most are dealing with massive trauma from past experiences. So completing this learning program, getting healed, coming to know the Lord, and moving onto reintegration and a future full of hope is an amazing accomplishment! Yes Jesus!

Ok that’s all for now. Thanks for following along and for your powerful prayers and support! We are so grateful for each one of you!! <3


“Sing to God, sing in praise of His name, extol Him who rides on the clouds; rejoice before Him — His name is the Lord. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.” (Psalm 68:4-5)


  1. Janice Davis

    WOW every time I read a post it moves me douch!!! I am so happy for both of you for saving these girls lives! I miss you souxh but at the same to

    I have joined a life group recently that have a couple of ladies that are working so hard to do the same thing you are doing, but here in Gainesville! They are working a hot line to help women and also have befriended ladies from a strip club to help them get out! I hope one day I can do more if this work for my Heavenly Father! Praying now to see where he needs me!!

    I can’t wait till the next post to hear if your blessings you are sharing! Love and miss you both!!!!

  2. Awesome! You guys are such an encouragement

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