Valentine’s Day, the Gospel, Songkran, and more!

Hey all!

It’s been awhile so we wanted to give you a quick update about all the awesome things happening here. First of all, we wanted to THANK everyone so much for making it possible for us to visit the States over Christmas. It was a wonderful time of being able to see lots of friends and family, reconnect, share passion and vision about what God is doing in Thailand, and simply spend time together. Thank you again for your generosity and for taking time to hang out with us while we were home. We love you guys!

Now for a few quick updates about our time here in Thailand…

staff worship

A few months ago we had an Aftercare Staff fellowship night… and heaven came down as we prayed, worshipped, laughed, played, ate, and simply spent time together as a team. I was left feeling deeply honored to work alongside such an incredible group of people who have sacrificed their lives to protect the innocent, fight against the darkness, and be Jesus to all those around them. As we were worshipping together I felt the tangible presence of God rest upon us and I could feel the Lord’s joyful embrace as He smiled upon His kids. It was absolutely beautiful. The passionate prayers touched my heart and Papa’s even more. Then Jesse brought some truth about living as a community and culture of honor, and then led us in a joyful celebration of the Lord’s supper as we thanked God for His incredible sacrifice for us all. (He is incredibly gifted and I LOVE hearing him teach!!) Passion and revelation united us in His presence and the Spirit was on the move! We ate and fellowshipped together and left feeling revived, filled, and abundantly blessed. Gosh, Jesus is amazing!!

valentine's activity

We had a special Valentine’s Day activity with the girls and they loved it!! We each wrote down things we loved on a big poster board and then the girls had a scavenger hunt to find pieces of another poster board with a scripture verse on it and put it back together! It formed a heart with the verse from 1 Corinthians 13 on it. Afterwards we told them all how precious, valuable, and loved they are by their Heavenly Daddy (and by us too!) Then we ate some snacks, laughed, hugged, and spent time together. They couldn’t stop smiling, giggling, and thanking us for a special time and for making them feel so loved. Praise God!

AJ ministers to girls

Jesse was sharing about Jesus’ sacrifice and great love for us and the girls during Christian Studies. At the end of the class he asked if anyone wanted to put their trust in Jesus for the first time, and one of our precious ones decided to give her life to the Lord!! Praise God! Many of the other girls were moved to tears at the thought of what Jesus has done for them- it’s clear that God is pursuing these sweet ones. It is truly an honor to witness!

About a week later, one of our friends from Australia came to minister to the girls and do some intensive prayer and inner healing ministry – it was awesome. Jesus continued to touch hearts, breathe life, and bring sweet freedom and redemption to His beloveds.

games with girls

Laughing, playing, and just being kids again is an important part of what we do. We were told by one of the counselors that the more the girls can laugh and have fun, the more their memories will go back to those times instead of the trauma they’ve experienced. Laughter truly is healing. So… we like to have fun! And hearing their giddy laughter and squeals of delight brings deep joy to our hearts.


And last but not least, we just celebrated a major Thai holiday… Songkran! It’s the Thai New Year and also the biggest 3-day nationwide water fight you’ve ever experienced! We had a blast soaking people with water and getting soaked ourselves. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget… and it’s pretty epic!

Alright that’s all for now folks! 🙂 Thanks for staying up to date with our lives here in Thailand and for your continued prayers, support, and love. We love you!

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