Our Ministry

and in March of 2013 after a call God had placed on both of our hearts to return long-term. We are passionate about seeing Jesus bring freedom and redemption into people’s lives and being used as vessels to help usher that in. Our greatest desire is to draw close to our Father, listen to His voice, and move as He leads.

We are currently volunteering with an anti-human trafficking organization that seeks to protect, rescue, and restore children who are caught in sexual slavery and exploitation. We are serving in a variety of different roles, including working at an Aftercare Learning Center for girls who have been rescued; we have the privilege of spending time with, pouring into, teaching, loving on, and ministering to these precious ones. The girls go through the Learning Center immediately after they have been rescued, where they are able to begin healing, learn about Jesus, experience people who love and care for them, and learn valuable skills that will help them successfully reintegrate back into society. Each day they learn about Christian Studies (which we have the blessing of teaching), Life Skills, English Studies, vocational training skills, and a variety of other recreational activities throughout the week (such as self-defense, art/ graphic design, games, sports, crafts, music, guitar, gardening, cooking, cultural studies, dance, etc.) They also participate in worship every day, go through counseling to help experience release, healing, and freedom, and meet with individualized case workers who help them plan for their future by setting up schooling or employment after leaving the program.

We had the privilege of pioneering this Learning Center, writing and compiling curriculum that is being used in our other project nations, and seeing God move in radical ways through the girls’ hearts and our own. In addition to teaching Christian Studies, we’ve also been organizing staff prayer and worship days to help bring unity, community, and a hunger for God’s presence. It’s been a blessing to see the Spirit of God move throughout His people and watch as He ignites passion, fire, and freedom in our hearts. We’re also honored to be doing a variety of pastoral care for kids, girls, staff, and volunteers as well.

We are incredibly blessed to be in these positions and witness God literally transforming lives, breaking down walls, softening hearts, speaking His love, and bringing sweet freedom and redemption right before our eyes. We’ve fallen in love with the girls and people here and we believe that God has called them out for a purpose and has incredible plans for their futures. We find ourselves doing exactly what God had placed on our hearts and spoken to us years before we even returned to Thailand, and we are in awe of the opportunity we’ve been given to minister in these ways and see God move. What an incredible gift!