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Whoa, it’s been awhile since we posted a blog again. It’s crazy how that happens. Days feel like minutes and months feel like days here in the midst of everything happening and all God is doing. It really is a gift to be here and see God move. Although there are many pressures and demands of being an overseas missionary, Jesus has and will continue to provide for us every step of the way as we abide and remain in Him. Thank you, Lord!

I wrote this up a few months ago and would love to share it – it’s a testimony about how Jesus spoke, moved, and showed up when a team from Bethel Church came to minister to us and the girls. It was a powerful experience and something I won’t soon forget – we are blessed.

I can’t fully explain the gift that the Bethel team was for me personally when they came to Thailand. My husband and I manage the Aftercare Learning Center and when we heard a team from Bethel wanted to come to minister to both us and the girls we were overjoyed.

and Kimberly Johnson were sharing and ministering to the staff here)

The first time we met the team I felt an instant connection with some of the members and I could sense the Spirit of God alive and at work within them. A few days later they came into the Learning Center and shared with our girls about intimacy with the Father, worship, and then led them through a soaking exercise which allowed the girls to encounter Jesus in new ways.

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I still remember the feeling I had in that room… heaven literally came down and as I sat, worshipped, watched the peace of God spread across the girls’ faces, and saw the way God was touching hearts, I literally melted in His presence. I remember feeling the Holy Spirit so heavy on me that I literally crumbled to the floor and began weeping, feeling the intensity of His love and His heart. I was beyond blessed that our precious girls were experiencing these same things and getting an intimate touch from their Papa God as well.

and I found myself still laying in that room, not wanting to leave, not wanting to walk away from His sweet presence, realizing once again that nothing else in this world can or will ever satisfy like the love of God. It was a sweet and needed reminder for me, in the midst of so much busyness and so many to-do lists, that Jesus is and must remain our sole focus in everything we do. We can do nothing apart from Him… and why would we want to?! It was a beautiful stepping stone into deeper places of intimacy with Him.

and they said they loved it; they said they felt so much peace and many of them (some who weren’t even Christians yet) said they saw visions of things like rows of beautiful houses and gates with light exuding from behind them opening up. Wow. God was definitely speaking, moving, and drawing these precious girls closer and closer to His heart!

Later that day we had a time of prayer and prophetic ministry where members of the Bethel team prophesied over each one of us. WOW! I knew God was going to speak but I was blown away by the clarity of His voice, the specific words different people received for me, the confirmation of what God had already been speaking, and the reassurance of God’s promises in my life. There were a few specific things that I had been praying about and asked God if some members of the Bethel team would bring those things up and confirm what was in my heart, and without any prompting, I received that confirmation from one of the girls in a radical way. I was overwhelmed once again by God’s presence, His voice, and His love and care for me.

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and they prayed for each 0ne of them. The presence of God was strong in that room!)

and ministering at church and then the team invited people to come up and get prayer afterwards. Again – it was a powerful time and God moved!)

I can genuinely say that having the Bethel team here spurred me on and encouraged me in ways I never would have imagined. I’m deeply grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit and the ways the Bethel team readily shared Him and His words with others. Thank you, Jesus!


More updates about all that’s happening in the Learning Center, Thailand, and our lives in general coming soon!

Again, for those of you who don’t follow us on facebook I would love to add you as a friend so you can stay more up to date with our day-to-day life here. I’m much better about posting pictures and updates on there than blogging. Oops! Thank you for your grace and love for us. We appreciate you more than you know!


  1. Katrina Fletcher

    Thanks for sharing Jesse/Jenny!    How awesome- refreshing, reviving and filling to hear of His perfect timing and Word in the ministry in Thailand.   Thank God for the Bethel team in confirmation and life speaking words to stir in the spirit and continue to burn with passion the calling!   blessings and love, Andy and Katrina, Kris and Kirk

  2. Thompson Roger Craig (Craig)

    Thanks for the update, we’ll continue to pray for ya’ll as you serve!

    Love to you from the Thompsons!

  3. Amazing!! Great update, praying for you guys!! <3

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